Sunday, October 14, 2007

Musical Odyssey - October 14, 2007

The playlist is here.

Thanks to everyone who called in and pledged during the membership drive!

I had a lot of fun on Saturday and Sunday answering phones, taking pledges, drinking too much coffee from Small World and hanging out with other WPRB DJs and staff. That is something I don't get to do very often and I enjoyed it.

You can still make a pledge online anytime at

During the show I was going to continue speaking about Bithikotsis but there was not much time because we were pitching during the show. I hate to leave things unfinished so maybe we will finish up the Bithikotsis special next week. I will also be joined in the studio by Georgios next week as well. Tune in!

One of the songs I played during the show is Nana Mouskouri, a video of hers is below, enjoy!

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